About Us

Meet our founder and CEO, Savannah Blom

A passion for
style, luxury craftsmanship and striking heels

The art of dressing well starts with shoes. Shoes affect posture and the way we move. They can save an entire look, make it personal or special. I love how a casual outfit can be made interesting with a pair of striking designer heels. And that’s also where it ends if, like me, you simply rely on shoes to make the statement.

I started Savannahs boutique because I was missing a store in Stockholm offering the shoes I wanted to wear myself. Today – ten years later – we cater to women all over the world and are proud to represent today’s most prestigious shoe designers and luxury brands.

Shoes should be bought by following your heart and that’s exactly how I make the purchases for each season – shoes that don’t make my heart skip a beat simply don’t make our collection.

As each and every style has passed through my hands I can assure you that only the most exceptional pieces are included in our range. Each product is a true work of art: handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, superior materials and, most importantly, stunning designs.

I’m thrilled to share my great passion with you here at savannahs.com as well as in our boutique on Birger Jarlsgatan 1 in Stockholm, and my team and I are committed to offering you the best possible service, selection and quality. We’d love to hear your thoughts or see pictures of your purchase! Please tag us on Instagram @savannahs.se